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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Hannah!!

I would like to say first of all that I will try my best not to get bugged by my many friends who do not update their blogs frequently. I have been in the blogosphere for several months now and this is my second posting. I wish I had many excuses as to why I have been so slow; however, I have none.

Today is a very special day. It is my daughter, Hannah’s, fourth birthday. Happy Birthday, Hannah!!

She is a very special girl to my wife and me. (Of course, so is Hailee, but this is Hannah’s day.) Amy and I wanted children right away when we got married, but that was not God’s will for us. Amy suffered three miscarriages in the first four years of our marriage. That kind of thing is very private and disturbing to a couple, but God showed His grace through it all.

Finally, we found out in the spring of ’03 that we were pregnant again (yes, I said ‘we’). God graciously allowed this baby to go to full-term, and on January 15, 2004, we had a very special gift given to us.

The story of Hannah and Samuel in the book of I Samuel was a great help to Amy and me through those first four years. As we read about God’s grace to Hannah (in the Bible) and we experienced God’s grace in our lives through the trials and the successful pregnancy, we chose to name our new daughter, Hannah Grace

Now, she is four years old, and we have two daughters with another child on the way. Praise God for his all-sufficient grace!!


Kipp said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah! Thanks for sharing, Ken. Hope today was as special as it was four years ago. The pictures are beautiful. Keep the blog life going!


Kenthe2 said...

Her birthday was very fun. Thanks!

Kenneth said...

By the way, the birth four years ago and the party on the 15th were both special parties. I don't think I have ever seen those pictures of Hannah and Hailee. Good work with the camera and lighting.

G'pa TS

Kenthe2 said...

Thanks. Those are relatively new pictures. I haven't printed any yet.

mitchells2000 said...

Thanks for sharing your struggle with having babies... it's very common! Chris and I have been waiting for 4&1/2 years for our baby, and I did end up pregnant (through the 2nd cycle of in vitro fertilization) on Dec. 19th... only to miscarry within 8 days. You can pray for us as we go through our next (and last) in vitro cycle on Feb 18th! Congratulations on expecting #3! How exciting! Tell Amy hello for me!